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Glick's Last Tour — This was a minor masterpiece devised, written and directed by John Henry Owen. If you watch nothing else, watch this.

Eric Colvin on Vimeo.

Treasure — From Niall Trask and Mike Merrit at The Kill Shop, with gritty shots from Andy Little, a delinquent thriller with a stirring twist…

Maksym Osa (2017) - quick trailer — An intriguing tale based on the Graphic Novel of the same name by Igor Baranko, Ukraine's answer to Neil Gaiman. 
Conceived as an independent feature, it brought together Ukraine's top art department, costumiers, special fx, horse wranglers, stuntmen, fight directors, pyrotechnic experts and cinematographer with Ukraine's ballsiest director, Ivan Sautkin, at a time when several crew — indeed, the lead, Sasha Pozharsky — were exiled from home by strife in Donbas. Severe currency depreciation slowed production — but filming continues, with a sumptuous TV series planned.

AT&T - The Interview — A’ight Jane, we've got your back.”  A supremely confident little commercial from Ben Kent.

The Renata Road (dir Ed Greenberg, Beyond the Bar) is now complete. Here is a teaser for my character, Percival: 

The Gates of Vanity — Suj Ahmed (Future Focus Films) authors this terse psychological drama: a claustrophobic, darkly comic, examination of the vanity and delusions that drive men to extremes; with vivid cinematography by Amarjeet Singh.

Pussy Cat —  Simon Wharf and Ollie Caine's black comedy about immigration, isolation, sex, and a cat, won the IMDB script competition — which is how it came to be so lovingly made, one September, by the immensely talented crew at BROD Productions.

Rock and a Hard Place —  Andy Williams wrote and directed this for Andrew Kozman, of London Film Entrepreneurs.

I Remember April —  Rob Hurtt is an uncompromising, visionary film maker with a uniquely surreal outlook. This film resolves exquisitely if you have the patience to wait for the Dali quote right at the end of the credits. Worth it. Society of Imaginary Friends is an immensely talented group of classical musicians who play uncompromisingly unique urban folk.

Foxfinder (pswd: "eric") —  a very interesting play by Dawn King, with shades of Kafka and Miller. This adaptation, by Tom Oxenham and Master of None, sold out at Edinburgh 2015 with five star reviews and ratings. I featured only as a video training film, by which foxfinders (C21st witchfinders) could learn to identify their quarry.

To play: click on the link and enter the password, "eric"

A little Shakespeare — You'll have to guess whose soliloquy this was - reimagined as an early C20th Tyrolean peasant (audition for a period Italian horror). Shakily filmed by me with a laptop camera. Production values all very Dogma.

Andys — In tribute to Philip K. Dick, this little futurist short from Alec Hopkins. Made with no money, maximum commitment, and much goodwill.

The Host — A simple tale of possession, conceived in an afternoon by producer Simon Melhuish and the graphic artist and polymath Max von Vier, who directed. Stirringly shot by Sam Pearce, with a delicate score by Hilgrove Kenrick, it premiered at the Solothurn Film Festival in 2012.

Broken — and other earlier stuff preserved, grainily, on Facebook.

PEM (Perdekamp Emotional Method)